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Guillermo Bayas is a member of the State of New York and the Barcelona Bar Associations. He has a Master of Laws from New York University, and a Postgraduate Degree in Civil Litigation and a Postgraduate Degree in International Relations, among other titles, and has been an International lawyer in Spain for more than twelve years

When you hire a lawyer, you place your trust in a professional, but when you hire a lawyer in another country you also expect him to speak to you in your own language.  Guillermo Bayas is an international lawyer who speaks English, French and Italian and can clear up legal issues between your country and Spain.


Litigation in Spain. International Legal Advice. Contact us. We can guide you successfully through the legal situation in Spain you need to solve.

The best way to win a litigation in Spain is to avoid litigation at all. Spanish courts are overloaded. Courts of first instance can take a minimum of one year in first instance before issuing a judgment – two and three years in many cities. With such prospects, our international lawyer in Spain’s effort is to exhaust every possibility of reaching an agreement before going to court.

Nevertheless, if you do have to resort to Spanish courts, you want to have a seasoned litigator by your side. Guillermo Bayas is an international lawyer with more than twelve years of experience trying cases in courts all over Spain and dealing with international issues.

Our international lawyer in Spain devises the best strategy and works each case thoroughly, reaching the best possible outcome for our clients.

Our expertise includes all kinds of civil procedures, both as claimant or defendant, including debt recovery, breach of contract, real estate or tortious liability, arbitration, bankruptcy law, with a focus on commercial litigation, such as challenging corporate agreements, disputes between shareholders and liability actions against directors. Moreover, we have broad experience drafting international contracts and acting on behalf of foreign companies and individuals in Spain.

Litigation in Spain: One-to-one international support and advice for your legal issue in Spain.

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